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Great Wall CUV 2.4 Petrol CNG


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Здравейте, имам проблем с моя CUV BJ. 2008 60000 км, от Италия, като нов, който няма производителност, се проверяват данъчните времена, изпускателната система е запушена, инжекторите за гориво, в блока за управление на двигателя няма грешки, компресия 14 бара, стартира добре, той работи тихо, освен ако не карам правилно, с газ дават около 2000 до 4000, той няма мощност, запалителни свещи нови, движението е също толкова лошо на бензин, колкото на пропан-бутан, при нас това превозно средство е рядко, може ли някой да ми помогне?
Благодаря и поздрави от Полша.

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Hi, I suppose you are using an interpreter and it is a little unclear what you mean but ………...

If the exhaust system is clogged you cannot expect dynamics from the car - probably a clogged catalyst.

In this case the soft connection and it should let however gases.

These gases have to come out from somewhere if they do not go out through the exhaust.

Whatever you do, do it on the gasoline. 

If the gasoline is OK and CNG will be in place.

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1.Regarding timing belt - I understand that all the marks match correctly for the motor.
Do I understand correctly ?

2.KAT- is this abbreviation for catalyst ?

3.At first he wrote that the exhaust system is clogged - if the system is clogged there is no way the car will work normally of course !!

Best Regards,

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10 hours ago, Mototrampek said:

we have checked timing belt, KAT, fuel pressure, new spark plugs, injectors new used, under load between 2000 to 4000 will not go.

It does not work properly at any gear? Have you checked mass air flow? If you connect it to obd, the air flow should be arround 7gr/sec if I'm not wrong. 

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