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  1. We want to see photos !!! Congratulations for the new car !
  2. Here you find harttops for Steed http://www.mitvas.com/go.idecs?i=2479
  3. http://autopromo.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/vw-amarok-vs-gwm-steed5-sau-23-559-euro-vs-14674-euro-ce-ati-alege/ article compared between the two cars VW Amarok and GWM Steed5
  4. Here you find some articles about Voleex C20 EV: http://www.auto-chin...at-wall-motors/ http://www.motornatu...voleex-c20r-ev/ http://www.automania...uto.asp?id=1810
  5. http://autopromo.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/voleex-c10-noul-rival-dacia-sandero/ Article about Voleex C10
  6. Thank You teodordt, I know of that topic, I've seen since he appeared. I Follow all forum appears because I will buy a car from GWM Bulgaria. Still do not know if it will be a Hover or Steed. Here comes the weekend and maybe someone will go to Plovdiv Fair to make some photos. I hope the administrators do not mind that I post in English. I can use Google translate from Romanian to Bulgarian but i do not know if it makes a good translation.
  7. Although no one on this forum did not visit the Plovdiv fair with a photo camera in hand? I want to see some photos of the GWM stand. Or can you give me a link where photos are shown at the fair and the GWM stand.
  8. This fall, between 5 to 9 October 2011, SAB & A launches EXPO PREMIUM(Bucharest & Accessories Auto Show) in Bucharest Baneasa Complex Romaero. Maiby one of the leaders in Litex can read and wishes to participate in this year's fair in Bucharest Auto Show. The official website of the event is sab.ro The SAB & A 2011 will be present cars and light commercial vehicles and heavymotorcycles, bicycles, parts and accessories, fuel and Velo, audio systems andnavigation equipment and machinery for service stations and car wash, press,companies auto leasing and insurance and last but not least, much beloved andspectacular car and motorcycle tuning segment.
  9. Romanian Auto Blog http://autopromo.wordpress.com/
  10. The offer is very attractive (especially GPL). I would like to ask you to put photos from Litex Motors and Great Wall Motors stand , at International Fair Plovdiv. Thank You
  11. Theoretically importer for Romania is Alexandros Motors, the company without experience in automotive (producer of alcoholic beverages). But they are very unreliable. Struggling to sell some used cars,nothing new without a showroom in Bucharest, only a few dusty cars exposed at 70 kilometers from the capital in a village near Ploiesti. Not to mention that the site is not updated for almost two years. http://gwm.com.ro/ I hope that GWM will seriously looking for a new dealer, now that will produce in Lovech. Private blog http://autopromo.wordpress.com/ show that it is real interest for this car in Romania. But we don't have a serious importer. If I will buy this car in Bulgaria, I would buy from Ruse, because is close to Bucharest ( I still spend at least one vacation a year in Bulgaria) and i could go to Ruse for tehnical maintenance.
  12. Hello. I Follow your board a few months and I am glad that GWM build cars in Bulgaria. Personally I wish I buy a Hover, but I think the price of EUR 15,000 announced is too large, especially as GWM's not a name known in this part of Europe. In Romania still find some old model in prices between 8000 and10,000 euros for a new Hover. --------link 1 http://cautare.mobil...ro&pageNumber=1 --------link2 http://cautare.mobil...ro&pageNumber=1 Another problem is the engine, because in Romania over 2 liters of motor vehicles pay a higher tax. Why in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine sold the car with an engine of 2liters and sell in Bulgaria or Romania 2.4 liter engine? http://www.china-car.md/model.php?id=1 Plus as in Moldova is 2,000 euros cheaper the base model.
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