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great wall total sale in 2014


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Great Wall Motor (GWM) revealed on Thursday that it delivered 730,772 vehicles last year, 3.08% less than 2013. While its SUV line had a stellar year, recording a 24.44% jump in sales, deliveries of both GWM sedans and pickups shrunk significantly. The automaker missed its 2014 target of 890,000 units by a wide margin. For 2015, the company set the goal at 850,000.

Exports fell sharply, from 74,942 in 2013 to 48,292 last year, as some major overseas markets were hit by economic crises, especially Russia.

GWM’s sedan sales fell off a cliff, dropping from 205,451 in 2013 to 93,041 last year. In the pickup sector, while remaining the top player, GWM sold only 118,286 Wingle trucks, down from 136,132 in 2013.

Haval H6, the best-selling SUV in China, saw sales jumping 50% to over 300,000 units. The recently released H1, H2, and H9 also recorded strong performance. Below is a breakup of GWM sales in 2014.


GWM Models Wholessales in 2014



Wingle 118,286



C30 52,463

C50 38,611

Others 1,967

Total 93,041



Haval H1 13,049

Haval H2 49,351

Haval H5 45,945

Haval H6 315,854

Haval H9 5,102

GWM M series 90,117

Total 519,418

Others 27

Total 730,772


Exports 48,292

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