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  1. admin, i am sure that Litex Motors company will start exporting to Romania and it will be very successful! micodelija, it is a good ideea, i am sure that would be a international meeting in a few years! poroinik, i will be glad too if we meet! But is possible that we get to Bulgaria in coming months to see live the Great Wall Motors Bulgarian cars! My forum is focused on first HOVER because it is the only car that was imported to Romania since 2006 and it is the only GWM car that romanian people have it. Also, was imported Steed too, but failed, they were bought less. But my forum is ready to receive other new models from GWM! I will like if all of you will create topics for your cars in our english corner http://www.gwm-club....-English-Corner ! I repeat, you can use google translate or you can set the language of my forum to "English", it have this option in the bottom right
  2. Greetings from romanian GWM-Club.ro ! I am LAwR, from Bucharest, Romania. I created a community for romanian GWM owners, and for people who it is interested about this auto manufacturer. Adress of this comunity is http://gwm-club.ro or directly for forum http://gwm-club.ro/forum You can use google translate to understand what it is about more easy. I have GWM Hover CUV 2.4i, 2007, Super Luxury and I'm very satisfied about it. I hope to know you better in future and I hope to work with you as much as possible! Keep in touch!
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